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Peter Edwin Henderson 2

6th Oct 18131 - 19042

Life History

6th Oct 1813

Born in Yorkshire, England.1

18th Oct 1813



Married Jeanne Louisa Caroline Le Blond in Hamilton, Scotland.2


Birth of son Victor Edwin Henderson.2


Birth of son Jules Thomas Henderson.2


Birth of son George Gabriel Henderson.2


Birth of son John Henry Henderson.2

11th Feb 1857

Birth of son Arthur Vincent Henderson.2


Birth of son Louis Charles Henderson in Sydney, Australia.2


Emigrated from Australia.1


Birth of son Edgar Jerome Henderson in Melbourne, Australia.2


Birth of daughter Caroline Maria Henderson.2


Birth of daughter Emily Louise Henderson.2


Birth of son Albert Jules Henderson.2

before 1882

Death of son Jules Thomas Henderson.3



Other facts


Occupation Civil and Mining Engineer and Surveyor.2


Birth of son George Francis Henderson.2


  • 1. Documents held within the family.
  • 2. Research by Dr Margaret Henderson.
  • 3. Information provided by Les McIntyre.

Supporting Evidence

Biography of Peter Henderson and Caroline his wife

(6,200 words) Available as a pdf file, Word file, or visit the library of evidence to open the document as a web page.

Report on the Lines of the West Flanders Railways by George Stephenson

Available as a pdf file, Word file, or visit the library of evidence to open the document as a web page.

Newspaper article on Peter Henderson reaching 90


Mr. Peter Edwin Henderson, who celebrated his ninetieth birthday last week, is remarkable, not merely because he has attained a great age, but because he is still bright and hearty, and in a fair way to live out his century. He is a well-known figure at Glenferrie, where he resides, and is to be seen daily taking his strolls, accompanied only by his faithful dog. Mr. Henderson has the unique distinction of having lived in five English reigns. He was born in Yorkshire in 1813, two years before the Battle of Waterloo, and "when George III was King." He has thus lived in the reigns of George IV, William IV, Queen Victoria and Edward VIII. He was a lad when Sir Rowland Hill introduced our present system of postage, and when the late Queen Victoria was born, and long before telegraphing became an accomplished fact. He may be said to have preceded all applications of electrical science, the invention of photography, and the locomotive engine.
He was articled to George Stephenson, of railway fame, and in 1848 married a French lady, Mdlle. Caroline Le Blond, by whom he had nine sons and two daughters, all, with the exception of two sons, now living. Arriving in Sydney, after a five months' voyage, he came to Melbourne in 1860, and followed the occupation of a Civil and Mining Engineer and Surveyor. He has long retired from the active practice of his profession, and lives quietly and healthily with his two daughters at Glenferrie.
His sons may be said to be well spread over the states of the Australian Commonwealth. They are Mr. Victor Edwin Henderson, the Deputy-Collector of taxes; Mr. George G. Henderson, the well-known Melbourne auctioneer; Dr. Arthur V. Henderson, practising at Camberwell, and Mr. Albert J. Henderson, of Melbourne; Mr. Henry J. Henderson, architect, of Adelaide, S.A.; Mr. Louis C. Henderson, financial agent, of Sydney, and Mr. Edger J. Henderson, architect, of Perth, W.A.
Mr. Henderson was the recipient of so many congratulatory calls and messages upon his 90th birthday on Tuesday, the 6th October, that, to use this own words, he was surprised to find that after all these years he has not outlived his friends. He is as sane and lively of mind as he is healthy of body, and although "90, not out" has no idea of voluntarily retiring from the game of life.
    A Nonagenarian - part 1

A Nonagenarian - part 2

Peter Henderson with Carrie, Edwin and Tottie

(standing) Carrie (left to right) Edwin, Tottie and Peter Henderson.

Photograph provided by Dr Margaret Henderson.

Peter Henderson, Caroline Le Blond, Edwin and Tottie

Peter Henderson

Photograph provided by
Dr Margaret Henderson.

Peter Henderson

Peter Henderson with son

Photograph provided by
Dr Margaret Henderson.

Peter Henderson and son

Peter Henderson with daughter Caroline

Photograph provided by
Dr Margaret Henderson.

Peter Henderson and Caroline
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