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Will of James Woodhouse born 1784 died 1868

the will of James Woodhouse
This is the last Will and Testament of me James Woodhouse of Matlock
Bank in the County of Derby Frameworkknitter I give to Charlotte [surname]
late of London the late wife of Samuel [suname] the Bed I now lie on and
the Bed Linen belonging thereto also and my clock for her own use and benefit
absolutely it give devise and bequeath all that my cottage in which I now
reside unto Rachel Wall the Wife of George Wall of Matlock aforesaid Charles
Woodhouse of Matlock aforesaid Bathman Elias Woodhouse of Matlock Moor
Frameworkknitter George Woodhouse of Upper Hackney Frameworkknitter Alfred
Woodhouse of Matlock aforesaid Green and the Children who shall be living
at my decease of Fanny Wilmot of Faxley Stone cutter in equal shares and
proportions (the said children liking only one sixth share on the portion which
would have fallen to their Mother had she been living) and if any of
them shall die leaving lawful issue then the share of him her or them
so dying to be equally divided amongst such issue And if approved the said
George Wall and the said George Woodhouse to be Trustees and Executors
of this my Will hereby revoking all and any Will and Wills by me heretofor
made In Witness whereof I the said James Woodhouse have herewrite set my
hands this ninth day of January One thousand eight hundred and
sixty eight _____ James X his mark Woodhouse _____ signed published and declared
by the said James Woodhouse the Testator (by affixing his mark) in the presence
of us present at the same time who at his request in his presence and in
the presence of each other have hereunto set our names as Witnesses ______ Elisha
Brown Matlock ________ G. A. Shaw Matlock


Proved at Derby the 26th day of June 1868 by the oaths of George
Wall and George Woodhouse the Executors to whom
admisitration was granted.
The Testator James Woodhouse was late of Matlock Bank in the
County of Derby Frameworkknitter and died on 21st day of January
1868 at Matlock Bank aforesaid.
Effects under £100
Extracted by J. H. Newbold, Solicitor, Matlock
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