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Letter to Peter Henderson from Thomas Howard

Below is a letter from Peter Henderson's nephew Thomas Howard, although the exact relationship between them is not yet known.
Thomas Howard's letter page 1 34 West Row
Stockton on Tees
Dec 29th 1903

Dear Uncle,
     I hope this letter will
find you I accidentally saw a
paragraph in the paper about
you and it is with great pleasure
I wish to congratulate you on your
last Birthday and wish you
many years of health and
happiness, it is years since I heard
of any of my relations and had
no idea that I had an Uncle
Thomas Howard's letter page 2 I still remember when a child
being with my [pa's] mother at
your house in London. I have
been married over thirty years
to one of the best wifes, have
four sons and one daughter the
eldest 29 and the youngest nearly
20. I am not sure of this address
finding you or I would write
more, it is a dull Christmas
no snow this winter yet and
trade here is quiet which it
always is at this time of
the year. I have sent a paper
and if I had your proper
Thomas Howard's letter page 3 address would be glad to
write you and give you any
news about this part that
I can wishing you and your family
all a very happy new year
and love from all.

I remain
Your Affectionate Nephew
Thos. Howard
34 West Row
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