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Samuel Woodhouse 4

23rd May 18441 - 22nd Jul 18441

Life History

23rd May 1844

Born in Matlock Bank, Derbyshire, England.1

1st Jun 1844

Christened in Matlock Bank, Derby, England.3

22nd Jul 1844

Died in Matlock Bank, Derbyshire, England.1

25th Jul 1844

Buried in Matlock Bank, Derby, England.2


  • 1. Birth certificate Samuel Woodhouse b: 1844 obtained from Family Records Centre.
  • 2. Matlock Burials (
  • 3. Information provided by Neil Wilson (from Matlock parish records).
  • 4. Data held at

Supporting Evidence

Birth Certificate of Samuel Woodhouse born 1844

birth certificate of Samuel Woodhouse
No: Where and when born Name Sex Name of father Name of mother Occupation of father Signature description and residence of informant When registered Signature of registrar
351 Twenty Third
of May 1844 at
Matlock Bank
Samuel Boy Charles Woodhouse Elizabeth Woodhouse
Framework Knitter The X mark of
Charles Woodhouse
Twenty Fourth
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