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Charles Dowdle Rosetta Dowdell Robert Dowdell Rebecca Dowdell Clara Martha Dowdell Louisa Madeline Dowdell Amy Dowdell Ella Emmeline Dowdell Charles Seymour Dowdell Frank Percival Dowdell Jessie Isobel Dowdell Leslie Gerald Dowdell May Gertrude Dowdell Mona Anita Dowdell Douglas Ludlow Dowdell Martha Marshall Susanna Jillett Mini tree diagram

Charles Derwent Dowdell 1

25th Apr 18281 - 15th Feb 18921

Life History

25th Apr 1828

Born in Australia.1

28th May 1828

Baptised in Tasmania, Australia.2

3rd Nov 1853

Married Martha Marshall in Tasmania, Australia.1

8th Jan 1855

Birth of daughter Clara Martha Dowdell in Australia.3

30th Sep 1856

Birth of daughter Louisa Madeline Dowdell in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.2

3rd Sep 1858

Birth of daughter Amy Dowdell in Australia.3

1st Jul 1860

Birth of daughter Ella Emmeline Dowdell in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.2

4th Dec 1861

Birth of son Charles Seymour Dowdell in Australia.2

3rd Dec 1863

Birth of son Frank Percival Dowdell in Australia.1


Death of daughter Ella Emmeline Dowdell.2

2nd Oct 1865

Birth of daughter Jessie Isobel Dowdell in Hobart Town, Tasmania, Australia.1

27th May 1867

Birth of son Leslie Gerald Dowdell in Australia.1

27th Feb 1869

Birth of daughter May Gertrude Dowdell in Australia.2


Birth of daughter Mona Anita Dowdell in Australia.2

3rd Oct 1872

Birth of son Douglas Ludlow Dowdell in Australia.2

24th Aug 1887

Death of daughter Clara Martha Dowdell.3

15th Feb 1892


Other facts


Occupation Ship owner.1


  • 1. Research by Dr Margaret Henderson.
  • 2. Data held at
  • 3. [Not recorded.]
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