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Elias Woodhouse 4

7th Oct 18871 -

Life History


Resident in Newhall Road (address when born).3

7th Oct 1887

Born in Gresley, Burton upon Trent, England.1

18th May 1907

Married Lilian Thomas in Burton upon Trent, England.4

18th May 1907

Resident in 16 Dalston Rd, Newhall.2

Other facts


Occupation Colliery Labourer.2


Birth of son Elias Woodhouse.5


Birth of daughter Ada Woodhouse.5


Birth of daughter Nancy Woodhouse.5


Birth of son Geoff Woodhouse.5


Birth of daughter Phillis Woodhouse.5


Birth of son Ronald Woodhouse.5


  • 1. Birth certificate held within the family.
  • 2. Marriage certificate obtained from Family Records Centre.
  • 3. Long birth certificate obtained from Family Records Centre.
  • 4. Original marriage certificate held within the family.
  • 5. Family knowledge.

Supporting Evidence

Birth Certificate of Elias Woodhouse born 1887

birth certificate of Elias Woodhouse born 1887
No: Where and when born Name Sex Name of father Name of mother Occupation of father Signature description and residence of informant When registered Signature of registrar
42 Seventh October 1887 Burhall ? Elias Boy Elias Woodhouse Ada Woodhouse formerly Bird Collier Ada Woodhouse Mother Newhall Thirty first October 1887 William Wright Registrar

1901 census return for Elias Woodhouse born 1842 and family

1901 census return showing Elias Woodhouse

Administrative County Derbyshire The undermentioned Houses are situate within the boundaries of the Page 14
Civil Parish Ecclesiastical Parish Urban District Ward of Urban District Parlimentary Division
of Newhall of Newhall St John of Swadlincote of Swadlincote of South Derbyshire
No. or NAME of HOUSE
Name and surname of
each Person
to Head
of Family
as to
Age last
Own account
Male Female
78 16 Dalston Road Elias Woodhouse Head M 59 Labourer on Local Board Worker [Derbyshire] Matlock Bk
Ada   -do- Wife M 42 / [Derbyshire] Derby
Elias   -do- Son S 13 Horse Driver at Colliery Worker [Derbyshire] Newhall
William   -do- Son S 9 / [Derbyshire Newhall]
PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE       REFERENCE:-       RG 13/2639       [Series 13   Piece 2639   Folio 137   Page 14   Schedule 78]

Marriage Certificate of Elias Woodhouse & Lilian Thomas married 1907

marriage ceritifcate of Elias Woodhouse born 1887
1909 Marriage solemnized at the Register Office
in the District of Burton upon Trent in the Counties of Stafford Derby and Burton upon Trent County Borough
No. When Married Name Age Condition Profession Residence Father's Name Profession
149 Eighteenth May 1907 Elias Woodhouse 20 years Batchelor Colliery Labourer 16 Dalston Road Newhall Elias Woodhouse Labourer for Local Board
Lilian Thomas 20 years Spinster Domestic Servant 4 Dalston Road Newhall Henry Thomas (deceased) Coalminer
Married in the Register Office by Certificate before me,
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Elias Woodhouse
Lilian Thomas
in the Presence of us Henry Thomas
Maria Fletcher
Ham J. Ford Registrar
Alfred Coxon ? Registrar
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